Kwelera Botanical Garden

East London, Eastern Cape

Our design proposal focuses on the three natures concept put forward by the landscape theorist John Dixon Hunt. It elucidates three categories of landscape: ‘first nature’ (wilderness); ‘second nature’ (cultivation); and ‘third nature’ (the garden as a fusion between nature and culture). Our design draws from the local context and surrounding natural environment. The wilderness elements, including the existing wetlands and coastal dune forest are woven into the cultural landscape of the Eastern Cape to create an interactive and inspiring garden environment for visitors to appreciate and enjoy.

The different landscape realms are represented in various rooms within the design i.e. cycad garden, succulent garden, grasslands etc. These realms transition from the 3rd nature (garden), to the 2nd (cultivated landscape) to the 1st nature located in the center represented as ‘wilderness’ and links to the natural coastal dune forest.