Rondebosch Boys Preparatory School

Rondebosch, Cape Town

A master plan for the Rondebosch Boys’ Preparatory School was developed to serve as a blueprint towards focussing the long term vision for the school. Master plans are crucially valuable to schools to ensure that they are optimising the use of their facilities and have a clear vision for the future. We have also found that master plans can greatly assist in overcoming administrative challenges in schools, as they present an attractive vision that drives community and stakeholder buy-in for specific projects over time, as funding becomes available.

We conducted a detailed site analysis to gain an understanding of the school’s constraints in terms of spatial planning and needs in terms of potential facilities. The aim of the master plan is to address some of the key concerns associated with the current campus environment, such as vehicular circulation and parking constraints. A central campus avenue is created and the landscape between the buildings becomes the central core of the school, allowing cohesion and the overall integration of the built fabric with the outdoor environment. The master plan now presents a strategy for the school to evolve over time, with various functions and uses relevant to the school accommodated in the scheme.

In addition to preparing the master plan, we identified a priority project for implementation that would aim to strengthen the school’s mission to provide an environmental that facilitates optimal growth and development for students: an integrated playscape and outdoor learning environment. The existing playground and Astro turf area on the school’s eastern boundary functions sub-optimally. We identified an opportunity for this space to be enhanced through custom-made design innovation. The playscape will function as a learning through play environment, allowing children to engage with nature through tactile and experiential play. An innovative, context-specific and cohesively designed playscape would cater for a variety of requirements including adventure play, imaginative play and developmental play while providing ecological and social learning opportunities and seating and shelter from the elements.