Ruimsig School


The Nova Pioneer private schools have a unique approach to education, focussing on developing the critical thinking, creativity and strength of character that students will need to build their futures in today’s world. The school’s belief system is underpinned by the notion that the journey of becoming a leader and innovator starts early. Their early and primary schools intend to develop the building blocks for this adaptive mindset from a young age. The school aims to develop life-long leaners that can uncover their talents and potential through guided and interactive learning and development. Students are given the opportunity and freedom to explore and investigate their surroundings and to engage and learn from their experiences. With this philosophy, the Ruimsig Nova Pioneer School in Rodepoort aims to inspire learners to become adaptive, independent thinkers.

Ensuring a comprehensive and integrated campus design is essential to ensure that the vision for the school is achieved. Square One developed an integrated landscape master plan for the Ruimsig school, creating a cohesive learning landscape for students. Interlinked landscape rooms lead onto multifunctional and inviting outdoor play spaces, both formal and informal. The outdoor realm focusses on enhancing learning through play by encouraging students to engage with the natural environment. The playscape incorporates a series of platforms, seating and amphitheatres. An integrated circulation system improves legibility and wayfinding, while providing moments for impromptu interaction and learning.  The comprehensive campus design strategy is enhanced by strategic tree planting, which supports and shelters the circulatory route design. An integrated water sensitive design strategy incorporates opportunities to make use of surface water flow to create biofiltration basins and detention ponds, enhancing ecological functionality and learning opportunities for students.

In this way, the landscape becomes an active manifestation of the school’s vision and learner’s experience of their learning environment and the school, thereby facilitating Nova Pioneers’ vision of developing generations of innovators and leaders who will shape the African Century.