Somerset Lakes Entrance Precinct

Somerset West

The master plan for the Somerset Lakes mixed use development was designed around sustainable urban drainage principles, whereby all the stormwater on site would be collected and used for irrigation and where dams, swales and water channels would be used as valuable building blocks for the creation of exciting open space networks. The entrance precinct offered our first opportunity to implement these philosophies and develop them into an attractive gateway for the estate.

We were able to intercept the overflow stormwater from the broader site and channel it into functional streams, ponds and bio-filtration basins. The existing roads within the precinct were retro-fitted to redirect storm-water away from the traditional stormwater infrastructure and into the natural channels where it can be purified and allowed to recharge the groundwater.

Working into this structure, we drew on the rich biodiversity of plant species found in the locally indigenous Lourensford Alluvium Fynbos to develop a matrix of plant species that have been designed to ensure that the precinct if filled with striking colour and textures through all seasons. Planting of mature trees provides screening of the adjacent highway and generous, shaded walkways provide a pleasant environment for pedestrians.