Visual Impact Assessments

As Professional Landscape Architects, we are uniquely qualified to produce high quality Visual Impact Assessments (VIAs) using cutting edge software technology to ensure your development’s compliance with the latest VIA guidelines and legislation.


Our specialist services include:

  • Landscape character analysis to gain an understanding of geological, topographical, hydrological, biological and anthropogenic influences that have formulated the landscape character and sense of place of the receiving environment.
  • Viewshed and view catchment mapping and analysis to indicate the potential visibility of a project from various viewpoints within the affected environment.
  • Production of 3D modelling simulations and photomontages to illustrate what the project would look like from various important viewpoints and view corridors within the receiving environment.
  • Determination of visual assessment criteria, including zone of visual influence, visual exposure, visual absorption capacity, visual sensitivity and visual intrusion.
  • Identification and assessment of potential visual and cumulative impacts using established visual assessment criteria with and without the implementation of mitigation
  • Providing strategic design input for visual consideration, including landscape design indicators and visual mitigation and enhancement strategies.